Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to Dress Like an Italian: Part Two

Italian fashion icon Sophia Loren, early 1960s
So, for the past year, I've tried to dress more femininely at work - a nod to Italian women always putting their best Ferragamo foot forward. 

What this ended up meaning for me was dresses.  Lots and lots of dresses.  Paired with low pumps or flat boots or sandals.  What I found is that everyone thought I looked smashing (many more compliments than say pant suits) and that it's a whole lot cheaper and easier.  Here's why:

1.  Dresses are one piece, so you don't have to buy separates that match or get home and realize that the blouse you just bought doesn't match the skirt you already had
2.  Dresses immediately say "put together"and create a single flattering line
3. Dresses are inherently feminine
4. Dresses are cheaper (if you hit the sale racks) since you are only buying one clothing item
5. Dresses are more forgiving - pants need to fit really well to look good
6.  Dresses generally don't care about your height.  If you are tall, it's nice not to have to put yourself through the agony of shopping for pants that are never quite long enough
7.  Dresses are board room appropriate with the right structure or jacket
8.  Dresses enable you to focus on interesting jewelry, shoes, and purses with the money you save from buying fewer tops and bottoms
9. Dresses that match either black shoes or brown shoes make your morning routine easy
10.  Dresses show a touch of leg, which is acceptable at work

Start wearing more dresses and you'll see what I mean.